** FEES UPDATE — From Sunday the 9th May 2021, there will be no Bulk Billing on the Sunday Morning Surgery – including Pensioners, HCC Holders and Children. Billing practices at all other times have not changed.

On Sunday mornings, the Fees for consultations will be:

Standard Consultation $90 (Medicare Rebate of $50.55)

Long Consultation $140 (Medicare Rebate of 86.60)

Telephone Consultation $90 (Medicare Rebate of $38.75) **

Stirk Medical Group is a mixed billing practice. Fees are based on the length and complexity of consultations.

We accept cash, credit cards and eftpos facilities are available.

  • Veteran Affairs patients are able to use their entitlement cards.
  • Pension Card Holders and Health Care Card holders will be bulk billed.
  • Children 15 years, and under, will be bulk billed.
  • Billing remains at the discretion of the treating doctor.    
  • Care Plan clinics are bulk billed.
  • Workers Compensation claims are accepted with a valid claim number.

Should you have a problem with the payment of an account, please discuss this with your doctor. We are always willing to take individual circumstances into consideration.
Consultation Fees

Standard consultation
Private            $75.00         Medicare rebate:    $38.20
Health Care Card holders $55.00

Long consultation
Private            $120.00    Medicare rebate:    $73.95
Health Care Card holders $100.00

After hours fees (includes: Sunday morning surgery and Public Holiday morning surgery (when held))
Standard consultation
Private            $90.00        Medicare rebate:   $49.80
Health Care Card holders  Bulk Billed

Billings remains at the discretion of the treating doctor.

Procedures and services involving the use of the Theatre, at any of our surgeries, will attract a non Medicare rebatable fee. This is to cover dressings, instrument sterilisation and other medical consumables. You doctor will discuss this with you prior to any procedure being considered.